Assemblage - Sculpture Workshop and Exhibition
VAC Lusaka - October 1996


There were 20 participants officially, and a number of extra participants in the lecture parts.

The aim of the workshop was to present an in-depth information and discussion based on 20th Century sculpture taking its basis from Picasso’s work with assemblage in 1910-11 and developing this discourse up to present day, using a comprehensive selection of slides and videos as examples.

The group taking part were young artists establishing their career as well as more mature professional artists. The group exuded a high level of learning capacity and one of the main themes that constantly occurred was- were tradition stopped and culture began.

The final show clearly showed an understanding of the workshop intentions in establishing new directions, methods and materials, while at the same time maintaining a distinct cultural characteristic.

There was a fine balance maintained between theory discussion and practical work.

Selection of Fellowship candidate

Younger Zambian artist and Sculpture Department, Statens Kunstakademi Oslo

Oslo- Zambia- Sculpture Fellowship.

After careful consideration, David Chirwa was selected as an exceptional candidate for this position as he has a good, strong basic understanding of sculpture and natural quality of leadership within the group. He is the type of person, in our opinion, who can take on board the methods and opportunities created by working for one year in an academy situation and upon his return to Lusaka will be able to incorporate and adapt this information to the needs of his colleagues and younger artists at Henry Tayali Centre.

Education on an Art Academy level consists of essentially four elements

a) the input of information
b) the access to method and equipment
c) the interchange of ideas and debate within the specific group
d) personal dialogue and guidance....


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